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About Me. me

What did it do for me?

Since training, at The International Institute of Reflexology, I have become more aware of my health and state of mind. From September 2016 I shall be exploring current mental health issues and offering reflexology to young adults and children. Please contact me for further details.

I have learnt...

Looking after your mind and your body is the key to optimal health.
That stress can affect your body in a physical,spiritual and mental capacity.
Complementary Therapies are recognised as valid treatments for stress.To people who have yet to try complementary therapies, have a taster session to make up your own mind, if the treatment helps then that is progress to help you feel great .

Complementary Therapies can help everyone from babies to people 90+,Mothers to be can also feel the benefits of a treatment throughout pregnancy.

You can expect to feel sleepy and relaxed or at times a buzz of energy to get up and go...motivation, energy and a drive to succeed will be helped by getting a good nights sleep.Your body will appreciate the need for rest & relaxation. a chance to recharge and contemplate your next challenge..

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